Participation conditions for the TNC Club

Participation in the TNC Club requires a corporate membership. To obtain a corporate membership, an authorized representative of your company must:

  • completely fill out and submit the online registration form,
  • agree to the conditions of participation of the TNC Club and
  • accept the data protection guidelines.

For a free basic membership, the authorized representative must register all machines with a TNC control used in his area of the company. A basic membership in the TNC Club is required for the paid premium membership.

Premium membership requires explicit and separate confirmation by your company’s authorized representative in the registration application. 

Once your registration has been submitted, you will promptly receive a confirmation letter with your membership number from Club organizers. Starting then, all mentioned benefits of the TNC Club will be available to you. 

For the first year of membership, the membership fee for premium membership is $ 1,300. Starting with the second year of membership, the yearly membership fee drops to $ 1,100.

You can apply for club membership at any time. Regardless of the time of application, the full annual fee is always due. It is possible to cancel one’s membership at any time without providing a reason. Already paid membership fees will not be refunded. Readmission into the premium area of the TNC Club becomes possible starting with the following year. When you enter the premium area of the TNC Club for the first time, you will receive the one-time free learning set. Most of the club benefits are subject to a limited number of participants. Any data or personal information saved within the scope of the TNC Club will be treated confidentially. For more information, please see the conditions of participation of the TNC Club and our Data Protection Statement.